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There are many locations for additional maple information. As maple producers we are always looking for new and improved ways of doing things or ideas how to make something work for a unique situation. Here are a few locations that have information on research and other producers. (Each website is linked on location title)

The Cornell University Maple Research Program : The Cornell Maple program offers many different free publications to help you run your sugaring operation better in terms of efficiency and profitability, along with new scientific research in the maple industry. There are also a set of maple experts running the program, often seen giving lectures and classes at various maple events, and are very receptive to any questions at any time.

UVM Proctor Maple Research Center : The PMRC, sponsored by the University of Vermont, is the other United States leading maple research institution. PMRC offers many free research publications providing the newest maple research in the industry giving scientifically based answers to new and old maple ideas. The PMRC team is often seen at maple events giving lectures and workshops and are also willing to answer questions any time.

Centre Acer : This is Quebec's maple research institution, however it is all in french.

Maple Trader : This is a forum for all maple producers to participate in sharing their opinions, ideas, and experiences. If you have a question, this is a great place to search, or if you cannot find your answer you can always post the question. The most helpful people with issues encountered by sugar makers are other producers. : This is a great location for various maple information. Relevant maple news and updates are posted here to keep producers informed. There is also a blog and forum for another way to learn more.

New York State Maple Producers Association : The NY maple association is active in many various aspects of the maple industry, including but not limited to, developing legislation, advertisement and marketing, providing research funds, and workshops and conferences.

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