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2023 Maple Syrup Prices

Gallon (Glass): $54

Gallon (Plastic): $53

Half Gallon (Glass): $33

Half Gallon (Plastic): $32

Liter (Glass): $22

Quart (Plastic): $20

16.9oz (500mL Glass): $13

8.45oz (250mL Glass): $8


16oz Maple Cream: $15

8oz Maple Cream: $9

1.7oz Maple Sugar: $2

4oz Maple Sugar: $5

8oz Maple Sugar: $9

12oz Ground Maple Coffee: $9

Please call (315-244-5256) or email ( to order.

We take great pride in our products. If we think something might be the slightest bit off we will not be selling it. Our syrup and confections are the highest in quality. We will put our flavor up against any other syrup in the world. We primarily package syrup in glass to ensure the highest quality of syrup. Over time plastic packaging 'breaths' and will cause the syrup to oxidize and create an off flavor. Glass when packaged properly will keep indefinitely.

We also ship syrup and confections across the US and abroad. We ship using the US post office, which typically has the cheapest shipping rates, ranging from $10 to $22 per box. Usually we can ship 2 half gallons, or 3 quarts to anywhere within the US for $18. For larger bottles we prefer to ship plastic only. The smaller glass bottles are plenty strong and we have had no problems shipping them.

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